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Complex Modelling and Analysis

Constructing detailed financial and operating models to value existing and potential business activities. Incorporating, as appropriate, the specifics of:

  • Contract terms including Gas Sales Agreements and JV arrangements.
  • Project financing requirements (debt covenants, cash ratios).
  • Fiscal regimes (PRRT, PSCs, APT, royalties).
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis (development, production, pricing, timing).
  • Transaction structures for mergers or acquisitions.

Research and Reporting

Assessing technical and economic aspects of investment opportunities.

  • Industry segment overviews identifying drivers of success, key players and areas of potential investment.
  • Individual company reports ranging in market cap from $5mn to over $50bn.
  • Project/asset analysis examining prospectivity and economic viability.

Development of Analytical Methodologies and Tools

To analyse, interpret and manage large amounts of data and information (technical and financial).

  • Constructing tools to facilitate on-going updates, manipulation of data and generation of required outputs.
  • Examples include:
  • Identifying and assessing prospects using structural and geochemical data;
  • Identifying formation characteristics and basin trends based on well-log measurements;
  • Tracking company performance and calculating industry comps using financial data and stock trading information.

Stakeholder Management and Marketing

Communicating with and presenting to investors, management and clients.

  • Preparation of presentations to market company assets to potential investors and JV partners.
  • Regular reporting of asset/company performance to management and investors.
  • Presenting research findings to clients and other stakeholders.
  • Training clients to use tools/models constructed specifically to meet their requirements.